The Founding Geeks.

Jason T. Yeh - Jason's passion is developing Video Conferencing, VoIP-driven start-ups and creating unique online growth strategies. Jason is a highly entrepreneurial executive with a track record of driving business growth through innovative business development and technology. Jason has over 5 years of experience managing enterprise IT initiatives, mission critical networks, and scalable VoIP architectures. In the past, Jason co-founded and worked as Vice-President of Viable Communications, Inc. and led the business development of their Call Center Platform, Service Infrastructure, and videophone product known as VPAD. Jason pursued his B.S. in Computer Science at Gallaudet University.

Claudio Villalobos - Claudio's drive is to develop software for human beings focusing intensely on usability and performance. He is responsible for architecting, developing, and maintaining many of our products. His speed and technical insight has made him a trusted leader for our VoIP application development team. Claudio has extensive experience in the technology field and has delivered impressive products; including the VPAD for Viable Communications, Inc. Claudio holds a B.S. Degree in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology.